Canberra workshops.. two beautiful days

I made my second journey to Canberra this year to facilitate a Moon circle for Mothers and Maidens and also a Medicine Drum making workshop, both workshops outside Canberra on beautiful land.


The Moon Circle was a group of seven school friends and their Mum’s. This made for a very beautiful and comfortable afternoon with lots of input from the girls. They once again showed the wisdom of the Maiden, and the delight with which they share it if given the space. I was thrilled when the Mum’s decided they will continue to gather as a group in circle to support the girls through this rite of passage, and nourish themselves as well!


“Hello Talulah
Thank you for a beautiful, spiritual day.
We both enjoyed the experience, and have come away with a much closer bond.” – Karen

The Medicine Drum making workshop was at Freyja’s Rest, the wonderful Hollie B and Bolj’s land. We stayed the night in their magnificent yurt, prepared the hides and sat around the fire til late into the night.


Seven women gathered to make their drums. We created sacred space, and shared the stories of our birth. Many women in this group didn’t know the full story of their birth, so we looked deeper into the other alters of Womanhood.. Menarche, giving birth and their experience of Menopause if they had been through it.


This is such a powerful process, and as I lay awake the night before I went through each of my own experiences of my rites of passage.. it really is amazing. I was once again struck how my experience of being born was an imprint, a way of being, that I had little awareness of until I brought consciousness to it. It was just a very familiar feeling after all of my rites of passage, and creative expressions. And, it is amazing the difference you can make once you are aware of this story and share it with the intention of healing.

Hollie B’s land is wild, beautiful and quite big! I spent a large part of the day walking through it looking for the drum makers in their chosen places! Thank you Shamanic Midwife Anki for your support! I shared in the closing circle that it was like having seven women in labour at the same time, and their birthing rooms were really far apart!


Every deer hide is different, as is each Woman making the drum, so each has a very different experience. Depending on your birth story, how you were born and the way you do creative process the emotions that arise during the day can range from ease, joy, love, loathing, frustration, anger and helplessness! It is all important, notice everything that arises. Is this a familiar feeling? Bring consciousness to it and breath deep. To breathe while making a drum is to be in prayer.

I had many insights throughout the day into the depth of this process and how vastly it varies for each Woman.

Thank you beautiful women!

“To all my women friends, i had the privilege of attending a Medicine Drum making workshop over the weekend which was facilitated by the very beautiful Talulah, and sharing the journey with the most amazing women. I highly recommend this life altering workshop to all who feel the calling. much love xx” – Fiona


I will be doing a Medicine Drum making workshop in Sydney on the 7th of November, contact me on to inquire or book.

And it looks as though I will be coming to Melbourne next year in the winter to hold a drum making workshop too. Details to come.

Love this work!


Talulah x

Medicine Drum making workshop 2013 Sydney

With Shamanic Midwife, Talulah Gough.

To make a Medicine Drum is to birth a sacred
healing tool, connecting the body, spirit and Earth.
A Shamanic experience of healing your own birth
through ceremony, connection and creation of your drum with a circle of Women.

7th November, 2013

Roseville, Sydney, Australia.
$350 all materials, teas included
Bookings essential, 10 places only.
$200 Deposit on booking.

email: talulah
call Talulah 0416 001 491