Melbourne Medicine Drum making workshop 2014!

I am very excited to be traveling to Melbourne in 2014 to hold a Medicine Drum making workshop.. thank you Sarah from Embodiments Dance for the Invitation. There is a lot of interest in this workshop already so email or message me to book soon.. Good Christmas present for yourselves!

Happy Summer to you all


Talulah xx


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  1. Jo

     /  June 3, 2014

    Hi Talulah, my name is Jo and I’m a friend of Sarah’s and just did the connecting with drum workshop on Sunday… it was incredible. I’m just wondering if you know of any people that might have been facilitating drum making workshops in the mid 90’s which is when I made mine…. I’d like to remember the story of my drum (but find my memory is bad these days)… Any clues would be much appreciated…

    • Hello Jo, Wonderful you were at Sarah’s workshop!
      I have no idea about who was making drums in the 90’s I’m afraid.. sorry.
      I am not a Melbourne local either so am not familiar with the community down there.
      Maybe this is the time to start a new story with your drum if you can’t find the details.. you have been together a long time already! A rebirth may occur for you both with your blossoming relationship since Sarah’s workshop?
      Talulah x

      • josoandsew

         /  June 4, 2014

        Yes, thank you… that was the message I got on Sunday (but I was curious and thought I’d play detective for a bit…) Blessings to you, Jo

  2. Hi there
    I was wondering if there is any Melbourne workshops this year?
    Thank you

    • Hi Tina, just did one in Melbourne this year, sorry, not back until next year now. Judy O’Donnell does workshops regularly in Melbourne, you can find her on Facebook. Good luck! Talulah x


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