Making Sacred Medicine Drums in Melbourne



Nineteen beautiful Women gathered last Saturday in Melbourne for an amazing day of sacred circle, story telling, listening, being heard, and sitting together to make Medicine Drums.

After weeks of rain, Melbourne gave us a gorgeous day.. we gathered at Sarah Miller‘s welcoming home. Thank you Sarah for the invitation to bring my workshop to Melbourne, you were a joy and blessing in helping to create this experience for the Women of your area. Click on Sarah’s name above to check out the amazing work she does in Embodiments Dance.

Thank you to Sarah, Alenka and Nahalyana for your help in preparing the hides into the wee hours of Saturday morning! And to Melody and Sarah for assisting me all day Saturday.. awesome pod of Mermaids (Shamanic Midwives).. xx


Each drum making workshop I do, I ask the women to learn about the story of their birth.. and if they cannot find out about their birth I ask them to reflect on their experience of Menarche, giving birth and Menopause.. through revisiting these stories we get a sense of how we were received in our rites of passage and begin to understand our process around creation.

You can read more about this process and why we do it here and here.

So we shared our stories in pairs..



and then it was time to choose a hoop and hide..


Even this part is a big process… everyone has their stories around choosing.. ‘I was never picked first’¬† or ‘I never get the one I want’ and so many other stories we have played out in our lives. Each moment in this workshop means something.. so each part is treated with reverence and significance.

Then, drum making begins..



The drum making is an individual process.. the women work side by side, but it is not a chatting time.. there is great magic at work, and women weaving together is a familiar feeling for many of us, though we don’t remember doing it in this life time..

The first drum I made was in a circle of women around a fire.. we wove together, each focused on our task, and I knew I had been there before, I had done this before.. the sounds, the smoke from the fire, the baby chattering beside me. We used to do this all the time, for All time.. and now we do again..







So many beautiful drums born! Each so different..







Thank you so much beautiful Women, it was such a flowing day, each of you weaving together in gentle, silent encouragement of your sisters, with such grace.

Sarah and I are planning to hold another Medicine Drum making workshop next year in Melbourne, and I will hold one in Sydney during this Winter 2014. I will post details soon..

Sixteen more drums out there in the world.. drying now until Sunday.. I can’t wait to hear of your journeys with your drums!

Blessed be

Love Talulah x


Making Sacred all over the East Coast!

Since February I have been traveling from my home to attend so many wonderful gatherings.. spreading my wings wider and flying further than I have before. I have spent many weekends away from my family, which has been difficult, but I have amazing support from my Husband and Mum who keep everything going while I’m away.

At the School of Shamanic Midwifery, we hold three Deepenings a year, where a facilitator who is not a student or teacher of the school, comes and shares their medicine with us. This years first Deepening was with Jane Elworthy. Jane sang to us, told stories, lead us in drum rhythms, chants, and a full out Samba jam. It was a Deepening of joy and magic. I met a teacher who knew all the songs I want to know and who showed us how to sing with the Angels… I can’t wait to learn more… Thank you Jane. (photo below by Kristan Lee Read)


Then our band of merry Shamanic Midwives traveled to Brisbane for the Home Birth Australia Conference. It was a beautiful gathering of Mothers, Fathers, Midwives, Obstetricians and Doula’s.

My presentation, which was written by Jaia Baer and myself, was titled- “Healing the Mamatoto- from a life on hold to a life to behold”. I shared my stories of my first and second born children requiring transfer to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), and Jaia wrote from her midwifery perspective of the importance of maintaining the mother baby bond and then reimagined how it could be if they were treated as one in the NICU.


The school of Shamanic Midwifery also held a Red Tent for the whole conference, Queened by the gorgeous Jess Krop and priestessed by us all.. And there was the Crafting Womb again this year, Queen Bee’d by Kristan Lee Read, weaving blanket squares to make blankets for charity. Both of these spaces were¬† a gentle place to retreat to in between amazing presentations..


And then!!

The following weekend we journeyed in our big bus to the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria for the Seven Sisters Festival.

(these photographs of seven Sisters were taken by Kristan Lee Read)



This was my first time at this festival, a women’s festival with 3 days of amazing workshops, sacred space, music, dance, shopping and sisterhood!

Again we had a Red Tent which was a very big operation over three days.. Mermaids (students and graduates of the School of Shamanic Midwifery) held the space here for the women as they entered.

Many Women came everyday to the Red Tent, tea was made, women rested, made Moon sticks, cried, laughed and slept.


I was very fortunate to assist at three amazing workshops.. Julia Inglis, my dear friend and Water Witch Sister asked me to hold space with her at her amazing Swan Blessing ceremonies over the three days, along with Rebecca Rainbowalker and Kaggi Valentine.

I drummed and sang as Julia weaved her word magic, as Rebecca fed the fire, and Kaggi chanted and drummed… it was Heaven for me each time.


Jane Hardwicke Collings and Melody Bee held a beautiful Healing Abortion workshop. Such an important space for us all, and the healing of the Divine Feminine.. thank you brave women for dreaming this up and bringing it to us with such beauty.

Kristan Lee Read and Jane Hardwicke Collings held a space for women and girls to come together to talk about eating disorders and what we can do for our girls. The Mermiads were there busily gathering the thoughts and visions of the women and girls. So much wisdom was voiced and from this gathering Project Pomegranate was born.. more soon on this I am sure!

One weekend at home and then.. Medicine Drum making workshop in Melbourne!

This wonderful weekend deserves a whole other post! Coming soon…

Thank you to my children, thank you to my Mother, thank you to my Man, these times are big for us as a family, and I return home a better Mother and Woman.

Home now for the chilly months with my cup full of the love from and for my Sisters and my experiences out in the world Making Sacred.



Talulah xxx