Red Tent Evening in Sydney


This will be a wonderful event!

An evening of immersing ourselves into the Women’s Mysteries in the Red Tent.

This is a very special Red Tent, an offering from Jane Hardwicke Collings, bringing the sacred work she does, sharing the Mysteries, that as Women, are our birth rite to know and pass on.

Also the amazing Jane Elworthy will be there. She is an incredible Drummer, singer, teacher and wise woman.. I can’t wait to see what she shares.

Kristan Lee Read will be weaving her craft magic and I will share a little something to!

Something I absolutely LOVE about this event is that we can bring our daughters! Maidens of all ages are welcome to come and share in the Women’s wisdom. My daughters can’t get enough of sitting in circle with me and being invited to special Women’s gatherings. It is what I wish for them, to be welcome and included in the work I do, and in return we receive their special kind of Maiden magic.

All details on the flyer above.

To book go to and search Red Tent Bondi


See you there at The Red Tent

IMG_7817 (1)

This photograph by Lunasol Photography



Talulah x