Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle E-Journal


Seasons Blessings dear ones.. (this above is some beautiful art by my 6 year old daughter)

I hope you are warm and happy with some time to rest and play over this time

I recently wrote a piece for the Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle E-Journal about Songs of Sacred Circles.

Here is the link where you can read it (copy and paste)



Sign up for this beautiful e-journal by emailing jane@schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com and let her know you would like to be on the recipient list.

I will be presenting a Songs of Sacred Circle workshop at the Seven Sisters Festival next year. This is an amazing women’s festival in Victoria.. come along if you can!

Also I am so excited to be traveling to California next year to present two workshops at the Spirit Weavers Gathering

I have not been to this gathering before, but have heard so many amazing things about it. It’s focus is on learning and sharing traditional crafts, wisdom, songs, medicine and sisterhood… Can’t wait! Have a look at their beautiful website.

I will be teaching Moon Circle- returning to the Women’s Mysteries, and with my dear Sistar Julia Inglis we will sing the Grandmother songs as Julia shares her doll making magic with our sisters in the northern lands. What a wild adventure we will have among the Redwood forest!



Summer Love


Talulah xx