Healing after Loss Circle.. Sydney


Last year a dear Doula friend and sister, Svenja, who I have known for many years asked me to hold her Mother Blessing Circle with her dearest sisters..  We blessed her and painted her belly, which bounced up and down as she laughed.. she was a radiant Mamatoto and we were so excited to receive the message that baby was here.


When we all received the message it was not the one we had expected. Baby Luna, a dear sweet girl, didn’t ever take her first breath and passed straight onto the next world.

Nothing can adequately describe the sadness and pain of losing your child.

Svenja and Jason are incredible people, beautiful souls who miss their baby Luna every moment. Their community surrounded them with love, food, all they could, and all they wanted was their baby girl.

Luna had a beautiful ceremony on the cliffs over the water, a special place her parents visited when she was in Svenja’s belly.. they sent her off with Light, Love and Sound and honoured the journey Luna had chosen.

In living on after her baby has gone, Svenja has seen what is available for grieving Mothers and Fathers. It is the best they have right now and so they go to the groups that are here, there is comfort in being with other people who have experienced a similar journey.

As a friend and Shamanic Midwife I have journeyed with Svenja, I have had dreams I have shared with her, ideas of how to help her, and a great desire to support her in how she choses to go from here.

Svenja is a yoga teacher, acupuncturist, Doula, amazing Woman and Mother among many other things, and she dreamed into spaces that she would like to be available for her as a grieving parent.

She knows that the reason Luna chose her for her Mama is that Svenja is the one that can help other Mothers like her feel held, heard and healed.

I offered to be of service to her to make her visions and dreams for these healing places for Mothers, Fathers and families. And, having experienced a miscarriage four years ago I know I would benefit from these healing places too.

Together we have taken our first step in making this a reality.

Healing after Loss Circle in Sydney on the Saturday 22nd August, 9:30-4:30. For Women who have experienced loss at any stage during pregnancy, birth or neonatally.

♥ It will be a beautiful healing day of sacred space, sharing, yoga and ceremony ♥

Please share this with anyone you know who may benefit from such a circle who has experienced loss of this kind. It does not have to be a recent loss, if you feel the call, you are welcome.

Please contact us if you would like any more information. Comment on this post and we will get back to you.


We have dreams of taking this work everywhere, as well as spaces for couples, retreats, Men’s spaces with Jason- Luna’s Papa Bear, and circles for birth workers who have supported families through loss of a child.

We hope to share these circles far and wide. We know it is so needed.

Thank you Luna

We love you to the Moon and Back


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  1. Such important work… Go so well with it… Let me know if you bring it to Melbourne! Xxx

  2. So beautiful. Many blessings for the birth of this beautiful space XXXX

  3. Sounds amazing thank you so much for bringing this forth. Please let me know when you bring it to Melbourne.

    • Thanks Phoenix Moonstar, we will post it here on the blog if we come to Melbourne.. Thank you for the support! xx

  4. Kristan Lee Read

     /  June 29, 2015

    heart felt tears of many mixed emotions thank you xoxo >


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