a prayer for letting go

IMG_4347For my dear sister that has just returned to her blood after birthing and breast feeding four babies.. Welcome to your blood! Welcome to the Red Tent.  Here is a simple way to honour your cycles return every moon xxx

I’ve shared here before that I use cloth pads for my bleeding times. They are very comfortable, easy to care for and gentle on the Earth.

Another benefit of using this method is that you get to return your blood back to the Earth and make blood prayers. I soak the pads in cold water, and then make my prayers with that rich red water as I return it to the land.

Blood prayers are an opportunity to let go of things that are no longer serving us in our lives. Sometimes I have a specific thing I want to release, and sometimes there is a feeling or energy I can’t really name that needs to go.

So I have a very simple prayer I say as I pour my blood into my garden..I have been speaking it for about five years now. It came to me when I started bleeding after my fourth baby had finished breast feeding and I was so happy to see it’s return..


My sacred blood

I release you back to the Earth and give great thanks for the gift that is you

I let go of all that no longer serves me

Blessed be


If I have a specific prayer I replace the “all that no longer serves” with the prayer I am focusing on this cycle.

I love this practice. So simple and so powerful. For ritual to work in my daily life, it needs to be simple and practical.

An amazing opportunity to contemplate what ways of being and doing are not working for us, and to call in the new way we wish to live. They can be prayers for ourselves, our community or our planet.

Powerful magic available to every bleeding woman.

And if you are not a bleeding Woman, this opportunity still exists for you on the Dark Moon each month.

You can let go at this time by writing down all that no longer serves in a prayer, reading it out to the Dark Moon and burning it, or burying it in the Earth to transform into new growth. You can do this with your partners and children too on the Dark Moon.

And careful what you wish for.. this stuff works! Words are spells.

What a shame so much blood magic gets thrown away into land fill without a thought.

We have been tricked into thinking our blood is shameful, that it needs to be hidden and unspoken.. in fact the opposite is the truth. It is your most sacred power.

Talulah xxx

Medicine name




I have gone through every entry in this blog and changed every reference to Shamanic Midwife..

This is a title that I have used to describe the work I do and the medicine I bring in this life.

A Shamanic Midwife is a midwife of the soul, a priestess at the altars of transformation, she who is ‘with Women’ which is the original meaning of the word midwife, in this realm and the other realms.

I have never used the term Midwife to describe myself, without the word Shamanic in front of it.

I have never posed as a Midwife, or attended births out of hospital. In fact most of the births I attend are high risk births in hospital with OB’s and teams of medical care givers. I am purely there as a emotional and spiritual support because the Woman has asked me to attend. The Women I attend to are intelligent and informed, they know my abilities and limitations. I have never performed any medical tasks for anyone.

Yet, the use of the term Shamanic Midwife is now not allowed, as I have been informed by a government body, I can fight it if I wish, but I don’t wish to. The word is not important to me. The work is.

So for now I have changed the name to Shamanic Merwife! As I am a Mermaid, a mistress of transformation. It may change again, as who knows what they will think about Merwife’s!

Perhaps Medicine Woman is what it needs to be. Maybe they own Medicine as well…

The name can dissolve really, but the way will always be.


Blessed be