Singing them over on their final Earthly journey

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photograph by Natalie Trusler instagram @storyofbeeing

For many years I have attended births, worked with pregnancy and fertility and all that comes with that work.. healing from traumatic births, complicated pregnancies, and infertility.
In the last two years I have found myself working in a realm that I have never wanted to, through fear and not knowing if I could handle it, and that is end of life and death.
And when I say work, it means what I offer, what is in my realm of practice as Shamanic Merwife, not what I get paid for. This work is a part of my soul purpose and that does not always translate to paid work. Though it is often these parts of the work that feel of most value to me and most important for me to keep doing. The exchange is spiritual.
This work sometimes comes in the form of shamanic sessions, and I have felt compelled to offer songs for the ceremonies and funerals of those that have passed.
I was just reflecting on why I feel to offer this. It’s a really hard thing to do, why do I put myself in that situation? But it kind of feels like it’s the only thing I can do.
There is little else I can do to help those left behind. To offer a song as their loved ones make their final journey in this life feels important.
The songs I sing are specific to the person, but the intention is always to send out a prayer that they are received by the great Mother and that they are held in love.
The song feels like a vehicle for their last Earthly journey.
I sang at my Grandfathers funeral a few weeks ago. In a Catholic church. It was big for me for many reasons, but my family asked and I wanted to do it for my Grandmother left behind as well as for him.
I sang Amazing Grace.
My eldest daughter who is seven said to me after… ‘Mummy, this is what I saw when you were singing in the church.. Pa was in the box and then it all became light, and he went up a bridge to the stars.. he wasn’t in that box anymore when they carried it away’
Thank you sweet girl, I trust your vision and hold it close to my heart as I sing them over.


You have the birth you need to have….


Of all the experiences of my life, giving birth was the most transformational.

I remember thinking during my first labour.. “Why didn’t anyone tell me”?

But thinking now what I wish someone would have told me.. I can’t really say.. There are no words to describe the enormity of the experience. I think what I really wished I had known was that labour and giving birth was a rite of passage, a spiritual experience, a shamanic experience, that I would never be the same again after going through this gate way.

Each time I gave birth I learned so much about myself, how much I could give, how much I could surrender, how big I could be, how I was a speck in the universe, and I was everything, what trust is, what this baby required of me and how best to be their Mother.

My teacher Jane Hardwick Collings says this.. “You have the birth you need to have, to teach you what you need to learn about yourself, to take you to the next place on your journey to wholeness”.

The first time I heard this I felt challenged.. my births were not straight forward, there were complications in all of them, why did we have to go through all of that..? But as the years have passed and I see what each birth and baby has taught and continues to teach me, I can see that their pregnancies, labours and births were exactly what has brought me to where I am now.  Not whole, but on the eternal journey to wholeness. My babies births have been the single most informing moments of my life that make me who I am now.

And, every pregnancy results in a birth.. abortions, miscarriages, still births, live birth… In  honouring all of these births and the teachings they bring we are honouring our whole journey.

Other women I have spoken to who have had complicated births, interventions, caesareans, unwell babies, still births, can find this statement challenging too.. it can make them angry.. especially when outcomes were not good. It can be very difficult to trust in a process that didn’t work out how you had dreamed or expected. Unimaginable that this is the way things were meant to be and that there would come a time that you would understand it all.. Maybe that time won’t come, and maybe this is too much to contemplate in the shock of a traumatic birth experience. I certainly couldn’t get my head around it for a few years.. I can still get in a tangle with it, what was my part? What was the other people’s parts..? There are so many stories in a birth, and especially in a birth that required transfer, intervention, surgery.. So what I come back to is my story, how I felt, what I learned about myself.

I’m not saying it’s the answer, or even right. It could be wrong, I’m not claiming to know..

It is for me, a worthwhile contemplation that I return to over and over when I need to remember who I am, why I am here and what have I learned that can help me now. Also in parenting the child, I remember their birth and what they needed from me.. it is usually always the answer to what they need from me now.

My first baby taught me that I could trust the process, I was strong and capable, and I needed to have control over my environment.. where I was and who was there. My first baby also taught me that when birthing in hospital Women need an experienced birth attendant.. so I then trained as a Doula. Thank you my first baby

My second baby taught me to share my fears and burdens and they would be eased, and to pay attention to my intuition and mother knowing. He showed me how strong we were together. He also taught me the importance of holding and maintaining the mamatoto (mother baby)  bond in NICU.. my first baby’s NICU experience helped us to be much better prepared for the more serious needs of my second baby and his time in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit).. Thank you my second baby


My third baby taught me about true connection with my unborn baby, how she could speak to me and help me prepare for Motherhood of 3.. she taught me I was right to trust birth and to return to homebirth after our first two experiences. She taught me you can be strong and still flexible. She taught me that she would come my way if I gave her my full attention and focus, and asked very nicely, and that together we were so powerful. She taught me deep peace. Thank you my third baby

My fourth baby taught me that I do things in two’s. She showed me the wisdom of the breech baby again.. and this time I listened. I opened my heart to her coming into this world in which ever way she chose, and while I listened she showed me how to mother four young children. She taught me to go with the flow, to take the path of least resistance, even if it felt like the longer way it was always easier and more joyful. Then she turned. And I was still learning the gift of trust with my 4th birth.. Our blessed three day labour was an epic adventure in trust.. Thank you my fourth baby

My fifth baby taught me that just because it happens doesn’t mean it’s meant to be, that the medical path is sometimes necessary, to call in your women when you need them and they will come. Thank you my fifth baby.

My sixth baby taught me again that I do things in two’s and to remember what happened the last (2nd) times.. I trusted the process, I let go. Thank you my 6th baby.


The stories of my births feel like lifetimes in themselves.. how could they all fit into my life? I am still finding more in each story. I know I will keep drawing from these stories forever, for guidance, for a path, for reflection and to treasure the children that are here with me and the ones that couldn’t stay. I love them all, my teachers.

And why my children experienced these things in their births is for them to discover on their own journey’s to wholeness.

Blessed be

Talulah xxxxxx

Home for the Winter..


I am finally unpacking my suitcase for real, properly, for the whole Winter..

This year has been a big whirlwind of wonderful gatherings where I have stretched myself physically and spiritually, more than I ever have before. I realise now that it has been to my limit.. I even went beyond my limit with the conference I attended last weekend.

The call home was so loud, but I had made a commitment so I kept it.. a little to my detriment health wise, but I know it did some magic too. I am home now, eating well, making broths, going to bed early and being here for my family, recovering and restoring.

Winter, Herstorically, is my least favourite time of year, there are many challenges for me in it.. being cold, dark, layers and layers of clothes, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), footy season (yes that is a downside for me.. raised by a footballer I spent most of the freezing country NSW winter weekends sitting on the sideline of a footy game, and then waiting for the celebrations to end very late every Saturday night, then having footy on the TV all day Sunday as my Dad recovered on the couch.. the sound of the crowds and whistles take me back to the strange world I was raised in and I don’t like it).

And how much things hurt when you bang them when they are cold.. like whacking your hand on some furniture hurts so much more when it’s icy! And that goes for the emotional hurts too.. they are triggered in the stillness of Winter and I am ricocheted into the depths I need to go to for the healing to happen. This, I know, is a positive, though it doesn’t feel like it at the time!

The reflective energy of this season is something I acknowledge as an important part of the cycle now. We need this inward time to restore and reflect, figure out what has worked for us and what hasn’t. Just as we need the bleeding time of our menstrual cycle, to let go of what no longer serves and to have the visions for the future. We need the Winter to do the inner work of our souls in preparation for our blossoming again in Spring.

In creating ways for me to embrace this season and time, I have some special things I save just for Winter so that I can not only endure it, but enjoy it, and be with what is.

The most appealing thing is rest! I don’t work very much in Winter. I will sometimes do a little workshop locally, but no big trips away unless it’s a family holiday (hopefully to a sunny island- I know that’s cheating). This keeps me excited for Winter to come.

I have knitting and crochet projects that I devote long hours to. Not only does this make it a very productive time in creating treasures for others, but it keeps me in a calm and receptive brain state that opens me to messages and dreamings in my sphere. I don’t follow patterns, I make it up as I go, so there’s not too much thinking involved. This is also a really healing thing for me to do to tend to those woundings that have come up.. being present with my feelings and just staying with it as I weave. I love to look back on what I’ve made and remember where I was when I made it, and how I felt at the time, and where I am now I have finished it, seeing the healing and evolution that has taken place.


One of my Winter weavings and Willow… (and some Spring and Summer weaving too.. this was a big one)

I make soups a lot. Soup is one of my favourite things, this makes Winter yummy and I always have something nourishing to eat, which is something I forget to do when I’m working or busy.

Making spaces beautiful, so it is inviting to be at home in them.

One thing I realised last year in Winter was that I have no Winter clothes.. I lived in denial that it was coming, or that it would last very long and that it was even worth buying Winter things because I’d soon be happy in a summer dress again. So I suffered in layers and layers of thin inappropriate Summer clothing, shivering and complaining about the cold! So I decided to give this warm coat thing a try.. and thus found my most fun Winter survival mechanism.. shopping for beautiful warm cardigans and coats! I have several now, and I think I need some more!

I dream.. I dream up what’s next, I dream for others, I dream the healing dreams that tend my wounds and inform me of the path ahead.

I write all this now as a reminder, a prayer and an affirmation.. as my wound has been opened, my most sacred wound, that all is right, and it is a Blessing to be here now, knowing that I am doing the work of Winter for all my relations.


Blessed Be

Love Talulah xx





Melbourne Medicine Drum making workshop 2014!

I am very excited to be traveling to Melbourne in 2014 to hold a Medicine Drum making workshop.. thank you Sarah from Embodiments Dance for the Invitation. There is a lot of interest in this workshop already so email or message me to book soon.. Good Christmas present for yourselves!

Happy Summer to you all


Talulah xx


Living with our Sacred Wound

Our sacred wound is a very significant event in our lives, something traumatic, painful or deep… the memory of which informs your instinctual reactions and behaviours from that point onward.

I learned about my sacred wound during my apprenticeship of the Four Seasons Journey.. and since that time I have been learning how to live with it in a healed way. To acknowledge it (my instinctual reaction to a situation), send it love, and speak from an unwounded place.

I have been feeling lately how deep this is, what a life long work it is, and, at the moment, how it doesn’t get easier.

It is always there, my first feeling in conflict or emotional exchanges, the place I go in deep healing work, the place that still needs to be healed.

And yet, it is much easier to navigate a situation with this knowledge than without. Or at least know why I am feeling the way I am, again.

You know that feeling? Why does this always happen to me? Why am I ‘that’ person in this scenario again?

I will share my sacred wound so that you may see how it carries through a life.

I was an unwanted pregnancy, of teen parents, I later learned that they were considering adopting me out. I was born, and separated from my mother over night. They didn’t give me up, they kept me and nurtured me to the best of their ability, gave me all the opportunities they could. And, part of me always knew I was unwanted.

There is an amazing book by Robyn Furnance, Being Born. In this book she goes over possible birth scenarios, caesarean, forceps, early, late etc. and unwanted, and talks about the ways these births affect the person, how they may react and be in this life.

It took me a long time to read this section, even though I use this book very often in my work. It felt like reading it was accepting the painful truth of being unwanted, that I would have written evidence that I really was unwanted because I felt exactly what was there.

And I did.

An unwanted child has a constant pull of being wanted and then feeling so uncomfortable in that place, does something or behaves in a way that makes them unwanted. This can be conscious or unconscious and has played out in my life in many ways. It does not have to be the actions of myself that create the ‘set up’, and is never usually the intention of the other party to make me feel unwanted, that is just my default reaction to any kind of rejection of myself or something I have done.

I was able to articulate it recently, which put it into perspective for me, why it hurts so deeply when the situation does not seem to be that big of a deal from the outside. The stream of experiences, emotions and feelings that have been deeply ingrained and replayed my whole life are-

love, birth, perfection, completely open, trusting, rejection, unwanted, wrong.

When I feel most open and trusting in a relationship, something occurs that hits straight to the heart of my wound and creates a reaction that may be disproportionate to the actual event. Leaving me wanting to flee the scene and start all over again somewhere else.

What I have taught myself to do is to stay with it, to talk it through and come to an understanding where we feel heard and acknowledged.

The tricky part is if the other party is not up for that kind of exchange straight away. I am yet to master the art of keeping my own stuff to myself to deal with. I think because my wounding is being unwanted, I want to make sure that everything is ok and I am still wanted as quickly as possible. I am still working on this! (probably forever)!

It is really amazing to think that every single person out there in this world is operating in the same way, reacting from their wound, and very few with consciousness to what is really going on.

And, I think we all know on a cellular, bodily level anyway. I had a knowing from a very young age that I was the product of a union that was not acceptable. What I didn’t know was how that caused me to behave in my everyday reactions from this wounded place.

I have also learned through my work, that no matter what the wound, how big or small, it is still a wound. Everybody has one, we can’t protect our children from having them (unfortunately). All we can do is have love and understanding for those we interact with, that they too are wounded and coming from that place.

My sacred wound is always open, always fresh, never a scar. So that I keep tending myself (that little baby) with love and acceptance.


Each time I have held my new born babes with love and acceptance I have healed the red thread for all my relations..

Blessed Be

Talulah x

Canberra workshops.. two beautiful days

I made my second journey to Canberra this year to facilitate a Moon circle for Mothers and Maidens and also a Medicine Drum making workshop, both workshops outside Canberra on beautiful land.


The Moon Circle was a group of seven school friends and their Mum’s. This made for a very beautiful and comfortable afternoon with lots of input from the girls. They once again showed the wisdom of the Maiden, and the delight with which they share it if given the space. I was thrilled when the Mum’s decided they will continue to gather as a group in circle to support the girls through this rite of passage, and nourish themselves as well!


“Hello Talulah
Thank you for a beautiful, spiritual day.
We both enjoyed the experience, and have come away with a much closer bond.” – Karen

The Medicine Drum making workshop was at Freyja’s Rest, the wonderful Hollie B and Bolj’s land. We stayed the night in their magnificent yurt, prepared the hides and sat around the fire til late into the night.


Seven women gathered to make their drums. We created sacred space, and shared the stories of our birth. Many women in this group didn’t know the full story of their birth, so we looked deeper into the other alters of Womanhood.. Menarche, giving birth and their experience of Menopause if they had been through it.


This is such a powerful process, and as I lay awake the night before I went through each of my own experiences of my rites of passage.. it really is amazing. I was once again struck how my experience of being born was an imprint, a way of being, that I had little awareness of until I brought consciousness to it. It was just a very familiar feeling after all of my rites of passage, and creative expressions. And, it is amazing the difference you can make once you are aware of this story and share it with the intention of healing.

Hollie B’s land is wild, beautiful and quite big! I spent a large part of the day walking through it looking for the drum makers in their chosen places! Thank you Shamanic Midwife Anki for your support! I shared in the closing circle that it was like having seven women in labour at the same time, and their birthing rooms were really far apart!


Every deer hide is different, as is each Woman making the drum, so each has a very different experience. Depending on your birth story, how you were born and the way you do creative process the emotions that arise during the day can range from ease, joy, love, loathing, frustration, anger and helplessness! It is all important, notice everything that arises. Is this a familiar feeling? Bring consciousness to it and breath deep. To breathe while making a drum is to be in prayer.

I had many insights throughout the day into the depth of this process and how vastly it varies for each Woman.

Thank you beautiful women!

“To all my women friends, i had the privilege of attending a Medicine Drum making workshop over the weekend which was facilitated by the very beautiful Talulah, and sharing the journey with the most amazing women. I highly recommend this life altering workshop to all who feel the calling. much love xx” – Fiona


I will be doing a Medicine Drum making workshop in Sydney on the 7th of November, contact me on to inquire or book.

And it looks as though I will be coming to Melbourne next year in the winter to hold a drum making workshop too. Details to come.

Love this work!


Talulah x

Medicine Drum making workshop 2013 Sydney

With Shamanic Midwife, Talulah Gough.

To make a Medicine Drum is to birth a sacred
healing tool, connecting the body, spirit and Earth.
A Shamanic experience of healing your own birth
through ceremony, connection and creation of your drum with a circle of Women.

7th November, 2013

Roseville, Sydney, Australia.
$350 all materials, teas included
Bookings essential, 10 places only.
$200 Deposit on booking.

email: talulah
call Talulah 0416 001 491

Swan Blessing

Untitled by Emmanuel Catarino Montoy

Untitled by Emmanuel Catarino Montoy

It was wonderful to finally meet with my soul sister Julia Inglis recently in Sydney. I was so fortunate to receive her Swan Blessing which she gives with her partner Tony Estes.

It is a healing ceremony to release vows made in lives long past that we are still holding in our lives today. Below is the story I wrote for Julia, who is gathering recollections of peoples experience of the Swan Blessing. Julia and Tony will be travelling Australia to give the Swan Blessing. They hold a safe, gentle and transformative space that opened my heart and mind to the possibilities of this life I have now. The beauty they created in the Blacksmith’s cottage in Glebe is beyond words.. it was to step into another world…  thank you dear Julia xxx

The Vow of Silence – A Swan Blessing Story

When I peered into the water to see who was looking back at me, there were two faces staring up, two men. One was an ancient man, so old and thin his bones poked through his skin. The other was a young man, native American, he was very beautiful and so, so sad. I went with the old man first. We were walking through an ancient village, rough dwellings made of stone and cave like shelters. No one looked at him, he was an outcast. I walked with him, as him, I felt his incredible knowledge, and I felt how he received it, he was a channel for universal wisdom, and no one would hear him, ever.We went back to his childhood, he was around 13 years old. The son of the village leader, he was the next in line, the promised one.
His father was a cruel leader, his mother was beaten and tortured, he knew it was wrong and promised he would never be like his father. He spoke out against his father and his ways, speaking the wisdom he received. He was rejected by his father, his family and the whole community followed, he became the outcast, wandering alone.We went to the water and Brigid gave me a wand to cut through the thick smoke that bound me in this promise. I saw him released and floating free, and I felt that he had always had peace in his heart with the vow he made, he knew it was right, the whisperings of the universe had reminded him of this through his long and lonely life.
Back at the water the young man waited for me. We went to his home, he was the leader of the tribe, a warrior that had a deep connection to spirit, he listened to his guides and heard what he needed to do and spoke this to his people. There was an ongoing battle with another tribe and he had a plan in how to triumph over the enemy. He spoke this to his brothers and they left to fight together.
He was shocked and horrified when his brothers turned against him and attacked him, shooting arrows, not to kill him, but maim him terribly. He could not fight anymore, he could not lead anymore, he was useless and crippled. He vowed to never speak again. I saw him live a very sad, lonely life, helpless and defeated. We returned to Brigid, and this time she handed me a mallet to smash my way out of this stone vow I was imprisoned in. He floated up and away, released from pain and suffering.
I cried with relief to see him set free. These vows were so ancient, so many lifetimes ago, yet so familiar to me. I felt those vows within me, even though those lives were so alien and surprising. I have lived by these vows to some extent my whole life, in place I know to protect me from these things ever happening again. But now, with these promises lifted, I am free to trust my knowing, the intuition I have always heard, the messages I receive, and speak of them freely. To live by my new vow… I will be beauty and give of this beauty.

Talulah, Sydney 2012

Thank you Talulah for sharing your Swan Blessing story here – a beautiful remembering and releasing of the mystic, the warrior, the chosen one who took a Vow of Silence so that the past would not be repeated. Oceans of love to you Talulah for the return of your beautiful voice and for a clear pathway to be The Chosen One again in this time of fearless love.

Julia inglis, Sacred Familiar


Julia Inglis

Swan Blessing

Vision Quest

I quested three years ago, my solo, three days and three nights alone in the wilderness. I did this to know myself, to proclaim to the Earth who I was and why I was here. At the same time I didn’t know who I was or why I was here…..

I was 30 weeks pregnant at that time, with my fourth baby, a baby I hadn’t planned, felt so blessed to have, and I was slowly coming to terms with the reality of mothering four young children.

The process of doing your vision quest begins with you accepting the quest. All that comes up for you is part of the journey. You are accepting the terms of the quest, bare essentials of survival, no food, a basic shelter, nothing to distract you from what is in your immediate environment, no phone, no reading material, no communication with the outside world, and for me no tea was a major concern!

When I agreed to doing the quest I was not pregnant and not planning to be, so in falling pregnant part of my process was deciding to quest pregnant, as a Mamatoto. I took simple foods, I was journeying with my baby, it became a  focus of my quest. Such an amazing opportunity as a Mother of three to have 3 days and 3 nights to be alone with my baby within and myself.

In base camp before we went out on our solos, we each told our life story to the group. It is a time of being heard, uninterrupted, a stream of consciousness story, snippets of your life, all that arises, hearing your story in all the other stories, echoing in your mind throughout the quest, things to examine and let go, whatever comes out is perfect and not what one might expect.

We went out, it was raining, I set up my camp, it continued to rain, torrential rain, I gave great thanks for the space to rest, sleep, dream, feeling protected by the rain and my beautiful place in nature. I stared out of my tent for hours, noticing everything, wrote in my journal and watched the rain.

It rained for the whole three days.

On the third night you stay awake and cry for a vision.

Sitting in nature for such a long time you begin to see the messages in everything, a tree became my teacher, a frog jumped on my hand, I had become part of nature, frog medicine is transformation through water, that was clearly what was happening for me.

My visions came quickly and so clearly.

I saw the birth of my 4th baby, at home in water, all was well, a dream come true.

I heard my name, not the name I had been given at birth, but my soul name, it was sung to me and it held all that I feel I am and all I dreamed I could be.


We returned to base camp the next day and told the stories of our quest, every one of us returned with a vision.

I am now at base camp at my third vision quest, supporting eight amazing women on their quest.

It is day two, we have heard their life stories and hold them close.

Eagles circle above, we hear their drums in the distance, transformation in motion.

My quest continues to inform me in my life everyday.

My 4th baby was born at home exactly as I’d seen it, even though the journey to that place had many moments where it seemed it wouldn’t be. And my name. It has been three years since it came to me and it is who I truly am. In telling the story of how I got my name I tell the story of my quest, which reveals so much about me and what I believe.

Blessed be

At base camp we stay with the Mamatoto’s who have young breastfeeding babies. They too share their stories with the group and do a vision quest of their own. We do processes so that they can access the Earth wisdom in an efficient Mamatoto way.

This is what one of the women said…

I didnt know that telling my story, something so simple, could heal so much

When I look back at it, it doesnt hold the same power over me. Its the sharing of it, and hearing other peoples stories, that I’m not alone in what I have experienced

Just the act of uttering it can be so healing

I didn’t realise how powerful the telling of my story was until I again reviewed my past and it didn’t have that power over me anymore

Why Make it Sacred?

As a Doula and Shamanic Merwife, most of the couples whom contact me are wanting a natural birth and are going to have their baby in hospital. Sometimes birth centre or labour ward in a public hospital and sometimes private hospitals.

As a professional in the birthing world I know that just by stepping inside a hospital and choosing to have your baby there, you are signing up for a set of protocol and agreements that make your wishes for a natural birth harder to achieve.

Some of the rules you are agreeing to are there, in part, to identify any risk factors and put in place preventative measures. This is done by ultrasound, blood tests, Group B strep test, blood glucose test, mental health questionaire, estimated due dates etc.

Once you are in labour the monitoring amps up, as does the clock watching by the health professionals. Things such as prolonged rupture of membranes, stalled labour, failure to progress all point you in the direction of induction and the increased possibility of the cascade of intervention, which means a number of interventions that result in an instrumental delivery or caesarean.

In my work as a Doula, a big part of the preparation with my clients, is going through every possible intervention and educating them about that proceedure, and in what scenarios it would be suggested. As well as going through all the choices they will be asked to make once they have reached their due date, are in labour and after the baby is born. So that in any circumstance they will know what is being asked and what the consiquences will be for the baby, mother, partner and birth.

In my Shamanic work I meet with the mother or couple to help discover a spiritual connection to their baby and birthing. I do drum journeys with the pregnant Mother, where she journeys to her womb to meet with her baby, she can ask questions, and receive information about aspects of the labour, birth or any situation that may arise. She can travel to this place to consult with her baby during labour, to check in and listen to her body wisdom. We also journey to find her power animal for the birth, and sometimes the baby’s power animal appears too! These allies are called upon during birthing and come to hospital with us.

We also create a sacred birthing circle, which usually involves Mother and Baby, Partner and me, and sometimes stretches out to contain the whole birthing team, Midwives and Doctors. This birthing circle holds the highest good for the family, knowing all of their wishes and desires, love and holding and trust in the process.

We carry the relationship and connections that we have developed over the months in the couples home into the birthing room.

In developing these worlds during our preparation for the birth, the physical, bodily, practical information world, and the spiritual, higher knowing worlds with my clients we can feel much better prepared to enter the hospital system. The couples are informed and educated about the process and the system and are in touch with their inner knowing and body wisdom, so they can stay true to their wishes and beliefs upon council within.

I have found over the years, that if my clients feel fully aware of all their options and choices, and they are guided by their inner knowing and trust, even if the birth doesn’t go as they had planned they feel empowered in the choices they made and trust in the process that was their birth.

I wrote this story with one of my beautiful clients. Her journey encapsulates what I am talking about. She is a wonderful wise woman and Mother and I am so fortunate that she asked me to be part of her sacred birthing circle. I honour her for sharing her story, as there is much wisdom in all she journeyed.

Naomi’s Story of energetic healing after caesarean.

Naomi and Alex dreamed and prepared for a intervention free birth in hospital for their long awaited first baby, known in utero as Gem. As part of the preparation Naomi attended Jane’s Inner journey pregnancy workshop and a Calmbirth course, preparing spiritually and physically for the birth. She and Alex invited in a sacred birth circle, her sister Michelle and shamanic merwife Talulah to hold sacred space in the medical environment.

In doing the Calmbirth visualisations and meditations, and 25 Ways to Access your Birth Power, by Danette Watson, Naomi envisioned the birth process many times and had a very clear concept of what birth was going to be.

At 42 weeks Naomi’s ultrasound revealed low amniotic fluid levels and decreased movement of Gem and the induction process began.

Naomi and Alex spent the day together in hospital, along with Talulah, going for long walks, talking about their journey to being at this moment in time, about to meet their baby.

Talulah quietly called in the elements, all of their guides and teachers, the Goddess and God, and helped Naomi to connect with Spirit. Naomi asked Spirit if induction was in Gem’s and her highest good. The answer was ‘Yes’.

In her conscious birthing of her baby, Naomi was trying to feel if she was holding on in any way, what did she need to do to clear the way for Gem. She called her Spiritual Kinesiologist, Robyn, who did a remote check in and clearing for her and Gem, removing any unconscious energetic obstacles.

Labour began with the syntocinon drip induction and Naomi felt her dedicated practice helped and prepared her for this immediate onset of intense labour. When left undisturbed Naomi was able to connect deeply with Gem and her body, seeing her contractions as waves and Gem moving towards her, with the mantra ‘Just this one’.

The birth circle was strong and protective. Naomi felt completely supported and held in love.

After 14 hours of intense labour and good progress, baby was distressed and meconium present. An emergency caesarean was advised.

Again Naomi’s preparation helped her through the surgery, staying calm and surrendering to what was required of her now.

The strength of Naomi and Alex’s sacred birth circle was very clear to the Obstetrician and medical team, so much so that against all rules and regulations 3 support people were allowed into theatre! Her husband Alex, her sister Michelle and her shamanic merwife Talulah (who was able to sneak in Naomi’s large rose quartz heart, that had been part of the baby’s journey from conception, in her bra)!

Baby Gabriel was born! Hearing his cry, and having him placed on her chest, to open his eyes to hers for the first time,  was a moment of amazing relief, wonder and love.

Life as a family began. Naomi and Alex returned home with their darling boy feeling they had had a different birth than they had planned, and yet an empowered and calm birth.

In the early days after the birth, Naomi became aware that there was a sense within her body that a process had not been completed, that she still had to give birth. As if her body was in suspended animation. It was an urge, a desire to keep the energy moving through, to complete the process she had visualised countless times. In talking about this with her husband he likened it to an interrupted orgasm. He was spot on!

In verbalising this, Naomi went on to visualise the completion of the  birthing process over and over, and in doing so her body started to relax as if it had completed the birth process. Michelle, Naomi’s sister, who is a Bowen Therapist was able to give a balancing treatment, in which Naomi physically felt her body release and let go of the sensation of tension. Also seeing Robyn, her spiritual Kinesiologist again, Naomi cleared any energetic patterning of the birth experience and the feeling of suspended animation that followed.

In clearing this sensation Naomi felt her body to be reconciled with her experience of giving birth. She still however needed to mentally and emotionally reconcile the feelings she had over this experience, which took some more time.

After telling her story to a wise friend Naomi now understands that her soul knew that this was the birth she was preparing for, even though she didn’t consciously know. Receiving that message has given Naomi a sense of peace and has released her self judgement over her experience. She is now connected to the divine rightness of her sons birth and the sacred contract signed in heaven by them both.