Home for the Winter..


I am finally unpacking my suitcase for real, properly, for the whole Winter..

This year has been a big whirlwind of wonderful gatherings where I have stretched myself physically and spiritually, more than I ever have before. I realise now that it has been to my limit.. I even went beyond my limit with the conference I attended last weekend.

The call home was so loud, but I had made a commitment so I kept it.. a little to my detriment health wise, but I know it did some magic too. I am home now, eating well, making broths, going to bed early and being here for my family, recovering and restoring.

Winter, Herstorically, is my least favourite time of year, there are many challenges for me in it.. being cold, dark, layers and layers of clothes, SAD (seasonal affective disorder), footy season (yes that is a downside for me.. raised by a footballer I spent most of the freezing country NSW winter weekends sitting on the sideline of a footy game, and then waiting for the celebrations to end very late every Saturday night, then having footy on the TV all day Sunday as my Dad recovered on the couch.. the sound of the crowds and whistles take me back to the strange world I was raised in and I don’t like it).

And how much things hurt when you bang them when they are cold.. like whacking your hand on some furniture hurts so much more when it’s icy! And that goes for the emotional hurts too.. they are triggered in the stillness of Winter and I am ricocheted into the depths I need to go to for the healing to happen. This, I know, is a positive, though it doesn’t feel like it at the time!

The reflective energy of this season is something I acknowledge as an important part of the cycle now. We need this inward time to restore and reflect, figure out what has worked for us and what hasn’t. Just as we need the bleeding time of our menstrual cycle, to let go of what no longer serves and to have the visions for the future. We need the Winter to do the inner work of our souls in preparation for our blossoming again in Spring.

In creating ways for me to embrace this season and time, I have some special things I save just for Winter so that I can not only endure it, but enjoy it, and be with what is.

The most appealing thing is rest! I don’t work very much in Winter. I will sometimes do a little workshop locally, but no big trips away unless it’s a family holiday (hopefully to a sunny island- I know that’s cheating). This keeps me excited for Winter to come.

I have knitting and crochet projects that I devote long hours to. Not only does this make it a very productive time in creating treasures for others, but it keeps me in a calm and receptive brain state that opens me to messages and dreamings in my sphere. I don’t follow patterns, I make it up as I go, so there’s not too much thinking involved. This is also a really healing thing for me to do to tend to those woundings that have come up.. being present with my feelings and just staying with it as I weave. I love to look back on what I’ve made and remember where I was when I made it, and how I felt at the time, and where I am now I have finished it, seeing the healing and evolution that has taken place.


One of my Winter weavings and Willow… (and some Spring and Summer weaving too.. this was a big one)

I make soups a lot. Soup is one of my favourite things, this makes Winter yummy and I always have something nourishing to eat, which is something I forget to do when I’m working or busy.

Making spaces beautiful, so it is inviting to be at home in them.

One thing I realised last year in Winter was that I have no Winter clothes.. I lived in denial that it was coming, or that it would last very long and that it was even worth buying Winter things because I’d soon be happy in a summer dress again. So I suffered in layers and layers of thin inappropriate Summer clothing, shivering and complaining about the cold! So I decided to give this warm coat thing a try.. and thus found my most fun Winter survival mechanism.. shopping for beautiful warm cardigans and coats! I have several now, and I think I need some more!

I dream.. I dream up what’s next, I dream for others, I dream the healing dreams that tend my wounds and inform me of the path ahead.

I write all this now as a reminder, a prayer and an affirmation.. as my wound has been opened, my most sacred wound, that all is right, and it is a Blessing to be here now, knowing that I am doing the work of Winter for all my relations.


Blessed Be

Love Talulah xx





Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle E-Journal


Seasons Blessings dear ones.. (this above is some beautiful art by my 6 year old daughter)

I hope you are warm and happy with some time to rest and play over this time

I recently wrote a piece for the Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle E-Journal about Songs of Sacred Circles.

Here is the link where you can read it (copy and paste)



Sign up for this beautiful e-journal by emailing jane@schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com and let her know you would like to be on the recipient list.

I will be presenting a Songs of Sacred Circle workshop at the Seven Sisters Festival next year. This is an amazing women’s festival in Victoria.. come along if you can!

Also I am so excited to be traveling to California next year to present two workshops at the Spirit Weavers Gathering

I have not been to this gathering before, but have heard so many amazing things about it. It’s focus is on learning and sharing traditional crafts, wisdom, songs, medicine and sisterhood… Can’t wait! Have a look at their beautiful website.

I will be teaching Moon Circle- returning to the Women’s Mysteries, and with my dear Sistar Julia Inglis we will sing the Grandmother songs as Julia shares her doll making magic with our sisters in the northern lands. What a wild adventure we will have among the Redwood forest!



Summer Love


Talulah xx

Melbourne Medicine Drum making workshop 2014!

I am very excited to be traveling to Melbourne in 2014 to hold a Medicine Drum making workshop.. thank you Sarah from Embodiments Dance for the Invitation. There is a lot of interest in this workshop already so email or message me to book soon.. Good Christmas present for yourselves!

Happy Summer to you all


Talulah xx


Canberra workshops.. two beautiful days

I made my second journey to Canberra this year to facilitate a Moon circle for Mothers and Maidens and also a Medicine Drum making workshop, both workshops outside Canberra on beautiful land.


The Moon Circle was a group of seven school friends and their Mum’s. This made for a very beautiful and comfortable afternoon with lots of input from the girls. They once again showed the wisdom of the Maiden, and the delight with which they share it if given the space. I was thrilled when the Mum’s decided they will continue to gather as a group in circle to support the girls through this rite of passage, and nourish themselves as well!


“Hello Talulah
Thank you for a beautiful, spiritual day.
We both enjoyed the experience, and have come away with a much closer bond.” – Karen

The Medicine Drum making workshop was at Freyja’s Rest, the wonderful Hollie B and Bolj’s land. We stayed the night in their magnificent yurt, prepared the hides and sat around the fire til late into the night.


Seven women gathered to make their drums. We created sacred space, and shared the stories of our birth. Many women in this group didn’t know the full story of their birth, so we looked deeper into the other alters of Womanhood.. Menarche, giving birth and their experience of Menopause if they had been through it.


This is such a powerful process, and as I lay awake the night before I went through each of my own experiences of my rites of passage.. it really is amazing. I was once again struck how my experience of being born was an imprint, a way of being, that I had little awareness of until I brought consciousness to it. It was just a very familiar feeling after all of my rites of passage, and creative expressions. And, it is amazing the difference you can make once you are aware of this story and share it with the intention of healing.

Hollie B’s land is wild, beautiful and quite big! I spent a large part of the day walking through it looking for the drum makers in their chosen places! Thank you Shamanic Midwife Anki for your support! I shared in the closing circle that it was like having seven women in labour at the same time, and their birthing rooms were really far apart!


Every deer hide is different, as is each Woman making the drum, so each has a very different experience. Depending on your birth story, how you were born and the way you do creative process the emotions that arise during the day can range from ease, joy, love, loathing, frustration, anger and helplessness! It is all important, notice everything that arises. Is this a familiar feeling? Bring consciousness to it and breath deep. To breathe while making a drum is to be in prayer.

I had many insights throughout the day into the depth of this process and how vastly it varies for each Woman.

Thank you beautiful women!

“To all my women friends, i had the privilege of attending a Medicine Drum making workshop over the weekend which was facilitated by the very beautiful Talulah, and sharing the journey with the most amazing women. I highly recommend this life altering workshop to all who feel the calling. much love xx” – Fiona


I will be doing a Medicine Drum making workshop in Sydney on the 7th of November, contact me on talulah@makingsacred.com to inquire or book.

And it looks as though I will be coming to Melbourne next year in the winter to hold a drum making workshop too. Details to come.

Love this work!


Talulah x

Medicine Drum making workshop 2013 Sydney

With Shamanic Midwife, Talulah Gough.

To make a Medicine Drum is to birth a sacred
healing tool, connecting the body, spirit and Earth.
A Shamanic experience of healing your own birth
through ceremony, connection and creation of your drum with a circle of Women.

7th November, 2013

Roseville, Sydney, Australia.
$350 all materials, teas included
Bookings essential, 10 places only.
$200 Deposit on booking.

email: talulah
call Talulah 0416 001 491

Passage to Motherhood experience

I have returned home from a wonderful week at the Passage to Motherhood Conference at the Gold Coast…

I listened to many inspiring people, learnt so much and had a great time presenting my first conference paper.

The strongest message I left with and feel a responsibility to share, is that the use of Syntocinon in most births in hospital is having a dramatic effect on our babies and mothers.
With new research suggesting links with Syntocinon to autism and other prevalent diseases in our culture, to disrupting those precious first moments of life as mother and child by blocking the natural release of oxytocin.. The love hormone..
We are the test cases for this drug, that is given routinely to most mothers via augmentation of labour or managed 3rd stage.

Michel Odent writes about this in his new book.. Childbirth and the Future of Homo Sapiens. I encourage you to read it. You can purchase it from Capers Book Store online.

He is a wonderful speaker and I loved sitting in his talk about the Doula Phenomenon.. And was so happy to hear he is a big supporter of doula’s, and of knitting!
Suggesting the best midwife is a woman who has had children sitting quietly knitting behind the birthing woman.

I feel it will be a while before I can sit quietly knitting while the women I work for birth in hospital… It is more a role of protecting the birth space and the woman’s wishes and desires for her birth at the moment. I look forward to the day I can though!

Knitting was a major theme at the conference with Kristan Lee Read holding her Crafting Womb space. It is indeed a beautiful site to see 100 midwives knitting squares for blankets that will be given to women at the Addis Ababa Hamlin Fistula Hospital.
Love your work Kristan Lee Read, as did Michel!
Have a look at the beautiful photos on her Facebook page for The Crafting Womb.. So much love

I was so inspired by the presentations of Allison Barrett and Rachel Reed, wonderful women at the front line in defending women’s rites in childbirth.
So much gratitude and respect to you both.

Thank you to Jan and Sarah Cornfoot at Capers for hosting this amazing event.






Passage to Motherhood Conference 2013

I am traveling up to the Gold Coast this week for the Passage to Motherhood Conference. So exciting to be going to hear wonderful speakers such as Michel Odent, Sarah Buckley, Rachel Reed, Jane Hardwicke Collings and Kristan Lee Read.

And, all ready to present my paper too!


For Mothers of Maidens…

My wee Maiden and me, not ready for this workshop yet.. one day!

My wee Maiden and me, not ready for this workshop yet.. one day!

I facilitate a workshop for Mothers and Maiden’s called Moon Circle.

It is for Girls aged from 9-16 who have just started, or will soon start menstruating.

It is a beautiful 3 hour workshop covering the cycles and the seasons of a Woman’s life and the Earth. The daughters hear wisdom from the Mothers and share with us some of their own Maiden wisdom. It is a very special time.

I learned to teach these workshops from Jane Hardwicke Collings and Kristan Lee Read, who both give these workshops around Australia.

Something I have felt to add to the workshops is a letter to the Mothers about menstrual products and their impact on the environment and their daughters.

I thought I would share it here so it might reach some more Mothers who can spread the word… Please do!

There is a Moon Circle workshop in Canberra this weekend..


Talulah xx

Dear Mother,

Part of the reason I teach this workshop is to show girls and their Mothers how magical and amazing it is to be a woman. What magnificent things our bodies are, what a gift menstruation is, and how we are part of the Earth and her cycles.

This is a very different view of menstruation than I was given as a girl, as it was for most women today.

In my own learnings about the menstrual cycle and women’s bodies, I have come to learn how damaging and unhealthy disposable menstrual products are. Made with bleaches, chemicals, fragrances and dyes, next to or inserted into such a sensitive part of our bodies, and then they pollute the Earth for many years after disposal.

Here is a little info on disposable products from the Green Chickadee website… http://greenchickadee.com.au/pages/benefits.htm

Disposable pads are made from chemically treated wood pulp.
Disposable pads and tampons and applicators add to landfill. Not only are the pads themselves made from non-biodegradableable products, the packaging themselves (outer wrapper, individual wrapper, plastic strip!) also add to landfill. Even when cloth pads wear out because they are made from natural products, they can be composted!
There are approximately 5.5 million females in Australia between the ages of 12 and 51* (the average ages of starting and finishing menstration). If all of these used disposable pads and tampons, averaging 10 per month, that would add up to 660 MILLION pads and tampons added to landfill EVERY year. That’s a big pile!!!
Manufacture of disposable pads involves bleaching resulting in pollution to waterways from effluent, not to mention the chemicals and gels that provide the ‘superabsorbancy’ claimed by disposable pad and tampon manufacturers.

Thanks Green Chickadee!

It has been researched that most women stick to the brand of menstrual products they were first given at menarche for their whole menstruating life! That is why big companies that produce menstrual products give the ‘Menstrual Education’ talks for free in schools and give out samples to the girls to use and repurchase.

I feel it would be such a gift for our girls if we were to give them beautiful handmade cloth pads on their first period. A gift that she can use for many years.

The best way to make this ‘ok’ and ‘normal’ for our girls is to use cloth pads ourselves! Modeling the behaviour, washing our pads, giving our blood back to the Earth, making blood prayers, talking about where we are in our cycle.
It teaches them not only is it normal, but it is also an opportunity for growth and sacredness.

By doing this we are removing the stigma of secrecy and shame that is portrayed in popular culture around menstruation, where it matters most, with our daughters.

It would be really supportive if your daughters friends had cloth pads too.. could you talk to their Mum’s about this?

When your daughter is older or ready, she can use a Moon Cup or Diva Cup, for swimming or other occasions it is necessary. It is best however to let the blood flow out, so they are not to be used all the time.

I will include a list of recommended companies that sell cloth pads, thanks to http://www.moonsong.com.au for this info!

The expense initially is more than disposables, but they last for years and years.
You can also make pads yourself. There are patterns on the internet.

Washing is really simple.
Soak the pad over night in cold water, tip this water into your garden
Then hand wash or machine wash the pads with a gentle soap
Dry in the sun

Thanks for reading!



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Workshop this Sunday in Canberra

Workshop this Sunday in Canberra

Medicine Drum Workshop


We gathered on the last quarter moon, a time for seeing the lessons of the previous cycle, for completing projects, planting seeds for the next cycle and tying up loose ends… a wonderful time to make a Medicine Drum!
Eight beautiful women came together, we had tea and treats, we created sacred space and we shared the stories of our birth. We do this because our birth, our first creative act, is an imprint that we carry through our lives. It is how we ‘do’ creativity.

I shared the story of my birth….
My birth was a relatively easy labour, my Mother was alone through most of it, I was born and then separated from her over night… How this plays out in my life is, I find it easy to be creative, I enjoy the process, whether it be dancing, sewing, writing, cooking. I finish quickly, and find there is little self satisfaction, I look for outside recognition, assurance, or very quickly move onto the next thing, leaving my creation behind me.
In understanding this process I have learned to take the time to appreciate my own achievements and creative expressions. It’s always there, the desire to be recognised, but I know it now, it’s an old friend and I tenderly acknowledge her, and give her love.

After we shared our stories the women pulled their Deer hides from the pool and began to make their drums. It is a solitary process, just the woman, her materials and her instructions.
My wonderful assistant Leia and I are there if any questions arise or guidance is required. Like a Midwife at a homebirth, no interference, just being there and holding space for the process to unfold.

It was a beautiful day, the sun shone, the creatures and spirits of this land visited us, and although we were women walking our own paths, we were all together.
Eight drums were born! They are now four days old. We will wait until the new moon to play them, at sunset, where ever we are, drumming together with our deer drum Sisters, calling our intentions for the next cycle through our drums song.

Blessed Be

Talulah x

The Process of Making my Drum with Talulah today.

“The instructions are before you – everything you need to know is in those pages, go and make your drum” I hear my Sistar say …I chose my hide from Talulah’s bed bath, or it chose me. It looked so velvety and soft – like the inside of my womb.I set forth with my frame and hide, it was eerily quiet sitting on the green grass of Talulah’s split level back yard. A gorgeous warm, sunny day that threatened to dry out my sinew and moon soaked deer skin.I turned the hide over and turned it over again … inside out it was to be!But I stalled … where do I start? It seemed as if the chatter of nature had stopped talking, stillness had fallen and the world was holding its breath, waiting for the first thread. I was overwhelmed, such simple directions were confusing me – where was halfway in the sinew, I wondered.Confusion spread through my body and I faltered, my nerves crackled … how can I do this?Slowly I started threading the sinew into opposing holes and ever so slowly my confidence returned. I heard the leaves in the trees rustling again and smelt the strong pervasive muskiness of the animal. It felt slippery, stretchy and fragile. I was scared!My threading, twisting, pulling and tightening became assured and a rhythm developed until SNAP! The sinew broke – I was panicked, devastated – what could this mean?Breathe ……. Michelle……. Breathe“Tie the sinew together – a double knot” suggests Talulah.And again I found my rhythm. Threading, twisting, pulling and tightening.Time and time again the sinew snapped and I saw my life’s journey reflected in this animal who gave its life to me. Down, down, down I was drawn by the snap and pulled up again as I repaired the breaks.So much effort to slowly, carefully weave my life into this beautiful drum. I realised no matter what happened my drum would be perfect and it would work. It broke, it was repaired and I loved it.It is completely me: inside out, lovingly made, meticulously cared for and lots of work in the process. For the process made my drum and the process is what I am today.I heard the kookaburra sing and the buzz of the insects shimmered like heat rising off hot ground; and I smelt the animal. I am one of nature’s children.Thank You Talulah for a wonderful workshop.”


A letter from Cecelia

Dear Wonderful and Magical Talulah,

Thank you so much for yesterday. I am so surprised at just how much I loved yesterday’s workshop. Correlating my birthstory and my process was joyous and and I feel a deeper acceptance of who I am.

I wanted to thank you so much for allowing me to be apart of yesterday’s workshop, mothering and caring for my hide. thank you for the effort you put into cutting my sinew. Using the sinew kept me aware and conscious that this was once a living creature, and I kept giving thanks to the animal during my making. It allowed for a respectful deep connection. Thank you so much. You are truly amazing.
My Mother Drum is the first of many to grace my home.

Much love Cecelia Xx


Medicine Drum Making Workshop- Sydney 2013

With Shamanic Merwife, Talulah Gough.

To make a Medicine Drum is to birth a sacred
healing tool, connecting the body, spirit and Earth.
A Shamanic experience of healing your own birth
through ceremony, connection and creation of your drum.

7th November, 2013

Roseville, Sydney, Australia.
$350 all materials, teas included
Bookings essential, 10 places only.
$200 Deposit on booking.

email: talulah
call Talulah 0416 001 491