Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle E-Journal


Seasons Blessings dear ones.. (this above is some beautiful art by my 6 year old daughter)

I hope you are warm and happy with some time to rest and play over this time

I recently wrote a piece for the Women’s Mysteries Teacher Circle E-Journal about Songs of Sacred Circles.

Here is the link where you can read it (copy and paste)



Sign up for this beautiful e-journal by emailing jane@schoolofshamanicmidwifery.com and let her know you would like to be on the recipient list.

I will be presenting a Songs of Sacred Circle workshop at the Seven Sisters Festival next year. This is an amazing women’s festival in Victoria.. come along if you can!

Also I am so excited to be traveling to California next year to present two workshops at the Spirit Weavers Gathering

I have not been to this gathering before, but have heard so many amazing things about it. It’s focus is on learning and sharing traditional crafts, wisdom, songs, medicine and sisterhood… Can’t wait! Have a look at their beautiful website.

I will be teaching Moon Circle- returning to the Women’s Mysteries, and with my dear Sistar Julia Inglis we will sing the Grandmother songs as Julia shares her doll making magic with our sisters in the northern lands. What a wild adventure we will have among the Redwood forest!



Summer Love


Talulah xx

Moon Circle for Women- and other Dreamings..

2014-10-27 16.45.19

(Dancing as the Water Priestess at the Goddess Conference 2014) photograph Wyld Ways

My blog writing has been quiet lately, but my life is not!

I am happily working a lot, all things that I love.. Mother, Dancer, Singer, Drummer and Shamanic Midwife!

Blessed life

I taught another beautiful Moon Circle on the Central Coast last week on a wildly hot and windy day. The girls were so enthusiastic and excited by what they were learning.. Two of them went home and drew their own charts and taught their friend who couldn’t come to the workshop! What awesome Maidens.

Here’s a letter from one of the Mum’s…

Hi Talulah,

A belated thank you for a gorgeous afternoon on Saturday.  We really enjoyed it and it has given us a foundation to discuss this subject in a really lovely non threatening way. My daughter commented that “It was SO much better than what they do at school” what a great recommendation for you from a 12 year old. Hope your trip home was uneventful and quick and that storm didn’t impact you too much.

Thanks again,


2014-11-02 16.31.12-1

The Mothers in this group were also very eager to understand the concepts I was introducing, as they usually are, and it was the reminder I needed to launch my next dreaming. Which has been in the pipeline for a few years!!

Moon Circle for Women

This is an opportunity to do basically the same workshop, but go deeper, ask all the questions that are arising, and share with other women. We look further into the menstrual cycle, the life cycles and Lunar fertility. As well as sharing circles and drum journeying.

So now Women with sons, or Women who are not Mothers can come and share in this space as well.

This information is important for every Woman.

I will share these workshops by invitation, so if you have a group of friends that would like to gather for an afternoon or evening and learn about the wisdom of the cycles in sacred space contact me at talulah@makingsacred.com

2014-10-18 13.47.32-2

My next offering is not new, but I haven’t ever really shared about it before.

I have been seeing Women for private Shamanic sessions for a few years now.

It is work I really love.

The sessions I offer are primarily focused around life transitions, fertility, pregnancy, and birth. We tap into the well of wisdom that is within you to support you on your path.

It is great to come to a session with specific issues, or just come and see what arises.

Shamanic Sessions can be helpful for healing from birth trauma, healing from past experiences, fertility issues, pregnancy complications, connecting with your baby, releasing fears, considering becoming a Mother, meeting your guides and Totems, preparation for giving birth, transitioning life phases and seeking clarity around any issue in a Woman’s life.

Sessions are in my home or in yours if you are in Sydney and would prefer it.

Here’s a lovely testimonial from Elizabeth..

“Talulah took me on a shamanic drum journey when I was 20 weeks pregnant with my baby boy Ryder. The journey took me to a place where I was able to connect with my baby and open a beautiful communication with him as he was growing in the womb. Talulah’s gentle but powerful and insightful facilitation created a profound journey that enabled me to deeply process and transform my connection to my baby, birth and motherhood. A precious blessing for myself and Ryder.”

Email talulah@makingsacred.com to book

2014-10-18 15.24.44-2

One last joy of my work for today… I have been doing quite a few Blessing the Way of Mothers to be..

A beautiful gathering of a Mamatoto and her circle of Women.

We gather and share Mother wisdom, threading a bead onto a necklace for the Mama to wear as she births her baby.

We fill the Mother with love, reflecting her magnificence and preparing her for the next phase of her life.

Email me at talulah@makingsacred.com for more information and bookings

Love and Blessings

Talulah x




Red Tent Evening in Sydney


This will be a wonderful event!

An evening of immersing ourselves into the Women’s Mysteries in the Red Tent.

This is a very special Red Tent, an offering from Jane Hardwicke Collings, bringing the sacred work she does, sharing the Mysteries, that as Women, are our birth rite to know and pass on.

Also the amazing Jane Elworthy will be there. She is an incredible Drummer, singer, teacher and wise woman.. I can’t wait to see what she shares.

Kristan Lee Read will be weaving her craft magic and I will share a little something to!

Something I absolutely LOVE about this event is that we can bring our daughters! Maidens of all ages are welcome to come and share in the Women’s wisdom. My daughters can’t get enough of sitting in circle with me and being invited to special Women’s gatherings. It is what I wish for them, to be welcome and included in the work I do, and in return we receive their special kind of Maiden magic.

All details on the flyer above.

To book go to http://www.eventbrite.com.au and search Red Tent Bondi


See you there at The Red Tent

IMG_7817 (1)

This photograph by Lunasol Photography



Talulah x


Medicine Drum Making Workshop in Sydney 2014



I have decided to run a small (6 places only) drum making workshop next month in Sydney.

here’s the details…

22nd August 2014

9am- 4:30pm

$350 all materials included and organic vegan & gluten free morning and afternoon tea provided… BYO lunch

Email me at talulah@makingsacred.com for information and bookings.

There are just a few places left..


Talulah x




Disease and Healing- Motherhood as messenger



I started writing a blog post about this.. and then I thought, my dear sister Adriana from Red talk’s has been asking for submissions. So, this topic, I know inside and out through my experience of living with Arthritis. This, I could talk about.

So, here it is!


And, here’s a photo of my knee during a flare.. left one is normal, right one reaching it’s peak..


Contact Adriana at www.theredcentre.com if you would like to make a Red Talk and check out the other great talks on there too.


Talulah x



Moon Circle sharings…


I taught a Moon Circle on the weekend, a gathering for Mothers and their Daughters about to enter puberty.

This group was very special, because I have known most of the Mum’s and Maiden’s for many years.

It was a big group and I had to choose which information I could leave out for an email, so the Mum’s could share when they felt it was the right time.

As I was writing it, I thought there are probably lot’s of Women out there who would like to know this stuff… so sharing here.


Love Talulah x


Hello lovely Mum’s,

I am still a glow over our day together yesterday.
Beautiful girls and Mama’s!

We covered a lot, and I felt it was enough to take in for one day.
So I have saved these few things for now which you can share with your girls when they are ready for another idea about all of this.

Lunar ovulation-
The phase of the Moon on the day of your birth is called your Lunar ovulation or Lunar Moon.
You also have the opportunity to ovulate on that same phase of the moon each month.
So my Lunar Moon is the 4 day old moon.. the tiny sliver that comes after dark moon.
What that means is that every woman has the opportunity or ability to ovulate/ conceive on their regular ovulation as well as their Lunar ovulation.
It doesn’t always happen, but it can.
A very important piece of info for anyone try to conceive, or not!
This phenomena explains many of those unexplained conceptions! (‘I don’t know how I got pregnant, I wasn’t even ovulating”)

That part of the info is for later with the girls.. but this next bit you can share now…

And just as your ovulation is a ‘doing’ and energetic part of your cycle, so too is your lunar ovulation. It is a time where your energy, ideas, creativity, inspiration are heightened and available.

You can find out your lunar return in an ephemeris, or there is even a Moon App that you can type in the date of your birth.. (if your moon app is northern hemisphere oriented, you will see it back to front to what I taught you yesterday) Remember Waxing Moon you can hold in your left hand, Waning Moon you can hold in your right hand.
Find out your daughters too.. this is very important for them to know when they are older, but great for them to know now in that it is a time of greater creative potential, and a special time for them.

If you are no longer menstruating (Maga or Crone ), or a Maiden yet to begin your cycle, or a Mother pregnant or breast feeding, you cycle with the Moon.
So the same feelings, actions and emotions apply to the phase of the Moon..
First quarter moon (Maiden, Spring) – newness, awake, emerging, energy, fragile
Full Moon (Mother, Summer)- high energy, outward, fullness, party time
Last Quarter Moon (Maga, Autumn)- coming in, harvest, preparing for the dark time
Dark Moon (Crone, Winter) – withdrawn, inward, sleep, dream, rest, reflect

Charting the Moon is a great way to practice for charting your menstruation. And a lovely thing to do together, reflecting on the phase and the energies that are at play.

For more info on all of this you can look at http://www.moonsong.com.au and see Jane Hardwicke Collings work, and purchase a charting book and a Spinning Wheel, which are both great tools for getting to know and understand these concepts.

Thanks again for the invitation to share my work with you and your girls, it was very special and a delight for me to do.

Love Talulah x



Making Sacred Medicine Drums in Melbourne



Nineteen beautiful Women gathered last Saturday in Melbourne for an amazing day of sacred circle, story telling, listening, being heard, and sitting together to make Medicine Drums.

After weeks of rain, Melbourne gave us a gorgeous day.. we gathered at Sarah Miller‘s welcoming home. Thank you Sarah for the invitation to bring my workshop to Melbourne, you were a joy and blessing in helping to create this experience for the Women of your area. Click on Sarah’s name above to check out the amazing work she does in Embodiments Dance.

Thank you to Sarah, Alenka and Nahalyana for your help in preparing the hides into the wee hours of Saturday morning! And to Melody and Sarah for assisting me all day Saturday.. awesome pod of Mermaids (Shamanic Midwives).. xx


Each drum making workshop I do, I ask the women to learn about the story of their birth.. and if they cannot find out about their birth I ask them to reflect on their experience of Menarche, giving birth and Menopause.. through revisiting these stories we get a sense of how we were received in our rites of passage and begin to understand our process around creation.

You can read more about this process and why we do it here and here.

So we shared our stories in pairs..



and then it was time to choose a hoop and hide..


Even this part is a big process… everyone has their stories around choosing.. ‘I was never picked first’  or ‘I never get the one I want’ and so many other stories we have played out in our lives. Each moment in this workshop means something.. so each part is treated with reverence and significance.

Then, drum making begins..



The drum making is an individual process.. the women work side by side, but it is not a chatting time.. there is great magic at work, and women weaving together is a familiar feeling for many of us, though we don’t remember doing it in this life time..

The first drum I made was in a circle of women around a fire.. we wove together, each focused on our task, and I knew I had been there before, I had done this before.. the sounds, the smoke from the fire, the baby chattering beside me. We used to do this all the time, for All time.. and now we do again..







So many beautiful drums born! Each so different..







Thank you so much beautiful Women, it was such a flowing day, each of you weaving together in gentle, silent encouragement of your sisters, with such grace.

Sarah and I are planning to hold another Medicine Drum making workshop next year in Melbourne, and I will hold one in Sydney during this Winter 2014. I will post details soon..

Sixteen more drums out there in the world.. drying now until Sunday.. I can’t wait to hear of your journeys with your drums!

Blessed be

Love Talulah x


Making Sacred all over the East Coast!

Since February I have been traveling from my home to attend so many wonderful gatherings.. spreading my wings wider and flying further than I have before. I have spent many weekends away from my family, which has been difficult, but I have amazing support from my Husband and Mum who keep everything going while I’m away.

At the School of Shamanic Midwifery, we hold three Deepenings a year, where a facilitator who is not a student or teacher of the school, comes and shares their medicine with us. This years first Deepening was with Jane Elworthy. Jane sang to us, told stories, lead us in drum rhythms, chants, and a full out Samba jam. It was a Deepening of joy and magic. I met a teacher who knew all the songs I want to know and who showed us how to sing with the Angels… I can’t wait to learn more… Thank you Jane. (photo below by Kristan Lee Read)


Then our band of merry Shamanic Midwives traveled to Brisbane for the Home Birth Australia Conference. It was a beautiful gathering of Mothers, Fathers, Midwives, Obstetricians and Doula’s.

My presentation, which was written by Jaia Baer and myself, was titled- “Healing the Mamatoto- from a life on hold to a life to behold”. I shared my stories of my first and second born children requiring transfer to the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), and Jaia wrote from her midwifery perspective of the importance of maintaining the mother baby bond and then reimagined how it could be if they were treated as one in the NICU.


The school of Shamanic Midwifery also held a Red Tent for the whole conference, Queened by the gorgeous Jess Krop and priestessed by us all.. And there was the Crafting Womb again this year, Queen Bee’d by Kristan Lee Read, weaving blanket squares to make blankets for charity. Both of these spaces were  a gentle place to retreat to in between amazing presentations..


And then!!

The following weekend we journeyed in our big bus to the Mornington Peninsular in Victoria for the Seven Sisters Festival.

(these photographs of seven Sisters were taken by Kristan Lee Read)



This was my first time at this festival, a women’s festival with 3 days of amazing workshops, sacred space, music, dance, shopping and sisterhood!

Again we had a Red Tent which was a very big operation over three days.. Mermaids (students and graduates of the School of Shamanic Midwifery) held the space here for the women as they entered.

Many Women came everyday to the Red Tent, tea was made, women rested, made Moon sticks, cried, laughed and slept.


I was very fortunate to assist at three amazing workshops.. Julia Inglis, my dear friend and Water Witch Sister asked me to hold space with her at her amazing Swan Blessing ceremonies over the three days, along with Rebecca Rainbowalker and Kaggi Valentine.

I drummed and sang as Julia weaved her word magic, as Rebecca fed the fire, and Kaggi chanted and drummed… it was Heaven for me each time.


Jane Hardwicke Collings and Melody Bee held a beautiful Healing Abortion workshop. Such an important space for us all, and the healing of the Divine Feminine.. thank you brave women for dreaming this up and bringing it to us with such beauty.

Kristan Lee Read and Jane Hardwicke Collings held a space for women and girls to come together to talk about eating disorders and what we can do for our girls. The Mermiads were there busily gathering the thoughts and visions of the women and girls. So much wisdom was voiced and from this gathering Project Pomegranate was born.. more soon on this I am sure!

One weekend at home and then.. Medicine Drum making workshop in Melbourne!

This wonderful weekend deserves a whole other post! Coming soon…

Thank you to my children, thank you to my Mother, thank you to my Man, these times are big for us as a family, and I return home a better Mother and Woman.

Home now for the chilly months with my cup full of the love from and for my Sisters and my experiences out in the world Making Sacred.



Talulah xxx



Melbourne Medicine Drum making workshop 2014!

I am very excited to be traveling to Melbourne in 2014 to hold a Medicine Drum making workshop.. thank you Sarah from Embodiments Dance for the Invitation. There is a lot of interest in this workshop already so email or message me to book soon.. Good Christmas present for yourselves!

Happy Summer to you all


Talulah xx


Living with our Sacred Wound

Our sacred wound is a very significant event in our lives, something traumatic, painful or deep… the memory of which informs your instinctual reactions and behaviours from that point onward.

I learned about my sacred wound during my apprenticeship of the Four Seasons Journey.. and since that time I have been learning how to live with it in a healed way. To acknowledge it (my instinctual reaction to a situation), send it love, and speak from an unwounded place.

I have been feeling lately how deep this is, what a life long work it is, and, at the moment, how it doesn’t get easier.

It is always there, my first feeling in conflict or emotional exchanges, the place I go in deep healing work, the place that still needs to be healed.

And yet, it is much easier to navigate a situation with this knowledge than without. Or at least know why I am feeling the way I am, again.

You know that feeling? Why does this always happen to me? Why am I ‘that’ person in this scenario again?

I will share my sacred wound so that you may see how it carries through a life.

I was an unwanted pregnancy, of teen parents, I later learned that they were considering adopting me out. I was born, and separated from my mother over night. They didn’t give me up, they kept me and nurtured me to the best of their ability, gave me all the opportunities they could. And, part of me always knew I was unwanted.

There is an amazing book by Robyn Furnance, Being Born. In this book she goes over possible birth scenarios, caesarean, forceps, early, late etc. and unwanted, and talks about the ways these births affect the person, how they may react and be in this life.

It took me a long time to read this section, even though I use this book very often in my work. It felt like reading it was accepting the painful truth of being unwanted, that I would have written evidence that I really was unwanted because I felt exactly what was there.

And I did.

An unwanted child has a constant pull of being wanted and then feeling so uncomfortable in that place, does something or behaves in a way that makes them unwanted. This can be conscious or unconscious and has played out in my life in many ways. It does not have to be the actions of myself that create the ‘set up’, and is never usually the intention of the other party to make me feel unwanted, that is just my default reaction to any kind of rejection of myself or something I have done.

I was able to articulate it recently, which put it into perspective for me, why it hurts so deeply when the situation does not seem to be that big of a deal from the outside. The stream of experiences, emotions and feelings that have been deeply ingrained and replayed my whole life are-

love, birth, perfection, completely open, trusting, rejection, unwanted, wrong.

When I feel most open and trusting in a relationship, something occurs that hits straight to the heart of my wound and creates a reaction that may be disproportionate to the actual event. Leaving me wanting to flee the scene and start all over again somewhere else.

What I have taught myself to do is to stay with it, to talk it through and come to an understanding where we feel heard and acknowledged.

The tricky part is if the other party is not up for that kind of exchange straight away. I am yet to master the art of keeping my own stuff to myself to deal with. I think because my wounding is being unwanted, I want to make sure that everything is ok and I am still wanted as quickly as possible. I am still working on this! (probably forever)!

It is really amazing to think that every single person out there in this world is operating in the same way, reacting from their wound, and very few with consciousness to what is really going on.

And, I think we all know on a cellular, bodily level anyway. I had a knowing from a very young age that I was the product of a union that was not acceptable. What I didn’t know was how that caused me to behave in my everyday reactions from this wounded place.

I have also learned through my work, that no matter what the wound, how big or small, it is still a wound. Everybody has one, we can’t protect our children from having them (unfortunately). All we can do is have love and understanding for those we interact with, that they too are wounded and coming from that place.

My sacred wound is always open, always fresh, never a scar. So that I keep tending myself (that little baby) with love and acceptance.


Each time I have held my new born babes with love and acceptance I have healed the red thread for all my relations..

Blessed Be

Talulah x